Aphrodite Gold Ceramic Jewelry Tray


Looking for the perfect jewelry tray? You found it here! These leaf shaped jewelry tray are just the perfect size that doesn't take up too much space on your desk, and at the same time give your beauty corner a bit of luxe feeling. 

Choose your preferred style and refer to the size guide below for detailed size information. 

  • Process: electroplating
  • Material: porcelain

Size Guide

  • Large pineapple plate - length of 30.5CM, an inner length of 18.5CM, a width of 14CM, and a height of 2.5CM
  • Small pineapple plate length of 20CM, an inner length of 12.5CM, a width of 9.5CM, and a height of 2CM
  • Maple leaf tray is 14.2CM long, 12.5CM wide, 1.9CM high
  • The long leaf disc is 18.7CM long, 8.5CM wide and 3CM high
  • The thin leaf disc is 20.3CM long, 6.3CM wide and 2.2CM high

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